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Employee-employer contractual disputes in Alberta

If you have entered into an employment contract, but your employer is no longer holding up to its end of the bargain, or if your employees have been skirting their contractual responsibilities, you may be able to pursue claims for damages in court. In most cases, employment contract disputes can be resolved out of court; however, sometimes litigation and trial proceedings are necessary for a resolution.

At Ridout Barron, we represent both sides of employment contract disputes. Our clients range from mom-and-pop businesses, to independent contractors and large corporations. Because we have worked for both sides, we have a keen sense of the needs and motivations of the people on the other side of the negotiating table in these kinds of disputes.We will use that knowledge and our experience to your advantage in your legal proceedings.

Our firm regularly handles matters involving employee contract disputes, including:

-- Incompetence

-- Contract breaches

-- Contractual disputes

-- Hostile work environments

-- Human rights issues

-- Wrongful terminations

-- Benefit disputes

-- Allegations of fraud

-- Non-solicitation clauses

-- Non-compete agreements

Regardless of your situation, if you are involved in an employee-employer contractual dispute in Alberta, we are here to help.

Whenever we take on a new client, our first order of business is to get to the negotiation table as quickly as possible. The sooner a contractual dispute can be resolved, the more cost-effective it is for all parties involved, both in terms of time spent without work and legal fees. In order to arrive at a swift resolution in such matters, the lawyers at Ridout Barron rely on tact, diplomacy and respect, while at all the times protecting our clients' rights.

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