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Business fraud in Toronto

Business relationships are created with contracts and an underlying sense of trust, but sometimes we find that we have put our trust in the wrong people in our business dealings. Fortunately, when business fraud happens, the businesses and/or individuals who are harmed can seek recourse in court to be compensated for the damages that were caused by the fraud.

In the Calgary law offices of Ridout Barron, we have represented clients in a large variety of business fraud matters. Some of the areas we regularly advise clients on include, embezzlement, appropriation of company assets, theft, misrepresentation of products or services and altering of financial documents.

The above white-collar crimes generally involve lying, deceit and in some situations, the fraud is carried out through a group of conspirators. Whenever it is expected that this kind of fraud is occurring, it is important to identify the parties who may be responsible for the fraud and take action immediately.

Sometimes, it is hard to positively connect the actual perpetrator of the fraud with a hard paper-trail of evidence. However, by acting as soon as possible, fraud victims may have a better chance of success.

In a situation that involves allegations of business fraud, one or both of the parties will suspect that the other party is being dishonest about something. When this kind of breakdown in trust has occurred, it may be difficult for either side to communicate openly for the purpose of reaching a settlement agreement. Nevertheless, given the cost-saving benefits of settlement, at Ridout Barron, we have found it beneficial to approach such cases with the goal of reaching a fair out-of-court settlement whenever possible.

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