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When is Alberta's minimum wage changing?

You may have heard that the minimum wage in Alberta is going to change this fall. Measures have been taken to hike the wage all the way up to $15 per hour. However, this is going to be done in steps, as the goal isn't to hit that mark until some time in 2018.

The first change will happen on the 1st of October, 2015. For most employees, this means getting a wage of $11.20 per hour.

The exception to this is that employees who serve liquor while they are working will only see their minimum wage increase to $10.70 per hour. This will be true until next year, and it will be phased out in 2016. At that time, the minimum wage for all workers will be the same.

For many people, this isn't actually that big of a jump. The minimum wage right now, for those who do not serve liquor, is $10.20. The minimum for those who do is set at $9.20. This means that those who serve are seeing a far more significant jump, and they'll see another increase when their wages are matched with everyone else's wages in 2016.

Still, though it may not be a huge change right out of the gates, it is a big step toward that goal of $15 per hour. This is a slow process that will allow workers and employers to adjust to the changes as they happen, still getting to the goal in just a few years.

If you are not being paid what you deserve under the current laws, of if your employer doesn't increase your wages when necessary, be sure you know your legal options.

Source: work.alberta.ca, "Minimum Wage," accessed Aug. 13, 2015

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