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How much maternity leave do you get?

If you're pregnant, you're likely very excited about having the child, but you may also be nervous about how he or she will change your life. Among many other things, one immediate change that you'll see is that you need to take some time off of work. How much time do you get in Alberta?

Part of it depends on your employer. If the company wanted to, it could give you two years of paid time off. Make sure you check with your employer to see what the plan looks like.

However, there are also a number of federal laws about maternity leave. Your employer must give you at least one year off, if you want it, after you have your child. This does not have to be paid. If you are adopting the child, you don't get an entire year, but you still get at least 37 weeks.

This means they can't give your job away to someone else while you're away.

However, you can't get a job, get pregnant right away, and still expect these laws to apply to you. A minimum of one year (52 weeks) of continuous employment at the company has to be met first. If you haven't been there for a year, your employer can choose to do whatever the officials desire. You are not protected by law or automatically given that first year off.

Do you think that your employer may have broken the law in some way while you were pregnant or after you had your child? If so, there may be legal steps that you can take to make things right.

Source: work.alberta.ca, "Maternity and Parental Leave," accessed Aug. 07, 2015

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