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Is it better to have a written contract?

Oral contracts do exist, and they are still used. When someone promises goods or services in exchange for compensation—money, typically, though other types of compensation may be used—the person then has to follow through on it. However, though you may be tempted to use these because they're easy and they save you some time, it's always better to get everything in writing.

You could find plumbing issues when renovating

It's often hard to see mistakes that a contractor makes in your home in Calgary, simply due to the fact that a lot of them can be hidden within the walls. For example, issues with electrical work or plumbing are things the average homeowner may never notice. However, professionals have warned that you can sometimes find out about these things when you decide to do renovations.

More cuts could come to oil and gas

The oil and gas industry in Alberta is not doing well, according to an economist who recently said that employees should be prepared to see a lot more cuts and job terminations in the future. There have been many layoffs already in 2015, and some people were happy to see the rate of firings slowing down, but the economist thinks that things are not quite over with yet.

Employers must try to work with those with disabilities

It's possible for employers to fire workers who have become disabled in Alberta. There are just some situations in which a worker can no longer reasonably do a job; if the worker is supposed to type on the computer extensively, for example, a disability that impacts the hands may make such work impossible. The disabilities do not bar the employer from moving on and finding a new employee who can do the job in question.


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