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The fine details of selling different types of land

When working on a land sale, one of the most important things to note is the type of land being sold. This is especially important for business transactions, as the owner of the land may want to use it in a specific way, and he or she needs to know if that use is permitted and if it is zoned properly. If this is misrepresented in any way, a dispute can often arise. Reading these fine details in advance is crucial.

For example, some land is technically classified as farmland. While the basic definition offered by Canadian law is simply any land that is being used for some type of farming operation, this overall definition is too vague, and it's important to look at all different types of operations that could count as farming under this same law. These including the following:

- Planting trees with the intent to sell.- Planting shrubs or similar plants with this same intent.- Growing sod for resale purposes.- Raising crops, such as corn or soy. This can be either for human consumption or for animal consumption.- Raising livestock, such as sheep or cattle.- Raising pheasants, poultry or even fish.- Raising animals with the intent of harvesting the fur.- Keeping bees and harvesting the honey.

When most people think of farming, they think of the main staples, like cattle and corn. However, it's wise to note that more fringe activities, such as beekeeping, can also be done on farm land.

As you can see, the type of land being purchased is quite important when buying for a commercial purpose, and you definitely want to read the fine print before signing anything in Calgary.

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