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What you should know about signing a commercial lease

A lot of conflicts with commercial leases in Canada arise simply because there is miscommunication between the two parties. Either the landlord or the tenant may assume that the lease includes things that are not actually addressed or they may not take the time to really consider all of the stipulations of said lease before signing. To avoid this, keep the following things in mind:

-- Negotiation may be possible. Just because a lease is drafted a specific way does not mean that tenants and landlords won't go to bat for things they want, negotiating and trying to alter the lease before it is official.

-- The little details matter. Don't overlook anything or just assume that the lease works like all other leases you have used before. Instead, really take your time and be careful to consider each point so that you know 100 percent how the document works.

-- If changes are made, be sure that they're written down. This goes for both sides. Altering the lease is fine, but there needs to be proof it has been altered, above and beyond a handshake.

-- Tenants do not have to sign. If an agreement can't be reached, tenants are always free to walk away and landlords can also refuse to allow them to use the space.

-- Remember that rent is not all that matters. Many other aspects of the lease -- such as whether or not the utilities are included -- are just as vital.

Do you want to find out more about using these leases and resolving disputes? Please take a look at our page as soon as you can.

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