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What are Alberta's general holidays?

As an employee, one of the most important questions you can ask is simply which days you're supposed to get off for the holidays. The Employment Standards Code of Alberta has identified general holidays that will usually be observed, and you will most likely be given a paid day off on that day. Though there are exceptions, such as not having worked for your employer for 30 days before the holiday, this goes for the vast majority of employees.

So, what are the general holidays? They are as follows:

-- New Year's Day on January 1.-- Alberta Family Day, which falls on February's third Monday.-- Good Friday, which is the closest Friday prior to Easter.-- Victoria Day, which is the closest Monday prior to May 25.-- Canada Day, which is usually July 1. In years when July 1 is a Sunday, Canada Day will then be observed on July 2.-- Labour Day, which is on September's first Monday.-- Thanksgiving Day, which is on October's second Monday.-- Remembrance Day on November 11.-- Christmas Day on December 25.These are not the only holidays that will be celebrated by all employers, as a few optional ones are also noted. These include Easter Monday, Heritage Day and Boxing Day. While some have become very common -- like Boxing Day, which is easy to take off as it follows Christmas -- there are employers that ask their employees to work on these days.

It's important for employees to know their rights as they are laid out in the Employment Standards Code, especially concerning when they should be asked to work and when they deserve to be paid.

Source: Government of Alberta, "General Holidays and General Holiday Pay," accessed April. 23, 2015

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