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What are Alberta's general holidays?

As an employee, one of the most important questions you can ask is simply which days you're supposed to get off for the holidays. The Employment Standards Code of Alberta has identified general holidays that will usually be observed, and you will most likely be given a paid day off on that day. Though there are exceptions, such as not having worked for your employer for 30 days before the holiday, this goes for the vast majority of employees.

Can tenants leave if they lose their jobs?

If a tenant loses his or her job, finances can become tight in a hurry. The tenant might be tempted to walk away from his or her lease, unable to make the payments, perhaps in order to move in with friends or family members for free. While tenants do not feel much ownership regarding a rental property, are they allowed to do this?

Sexual discrimination and restaurant dress codes in Alberta

People may be interested to learn about a ruling in which a woman sued her employer, a nightclub, because the establishment had different dress codes for men and women. The woman was reportedly required to wear a bikini top for a Hawaiian-themed bar night, and she evidently refused and instead wore a turtleneck.


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