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Workplace harassment in Alberta

Harassment is a form of discrimination commonly occurring in Alberta's workplaces. People who are the victims of workplace harassment may not be aware of the options they have available to them under provincial and federal law.

According to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, harassment is what happens when someone is the target of unwanted verbal or physical conduct. Such conduct is prohibited if it is based on the victim's protected class, including their race, religion, national origin, colour, gender, disability, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation or source of income.

Workplace discrimination also occurs if an employer takes a negative job action against the employee for resisting harassment. Discrimination also exists if a worker experiences intimidation or feels insulted because of the harassment. Examples may include derogatory comments, jokes, insults, threats or physical abuse. It may also include such things as being shown pornographic images or if the victim is the recipient of unwanted invitations or advances, whether they are explicit or implied. Employers are forbidden from retaliating against a worker who files a complaint about ongoing workplace harassment.

Workplace discrimination directed against a person due to their protected class is against the law. However, it may be possible for victims of harassment to seek damages from employers. People who believe they are the victims of harassment in the workplace may want to seek a consultation with an employment law lawyer. A lawyer may be able to review the relevant facts in order to provide guidance regarding whether discrimination has occurred. They might then help by drafting and filing the corresponding civil complaint on their client's behalf.

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