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Alberta Health Services sued by heart surgeon

According to court records, a well-known heart surgeon is suing Alberta Heart Services, several physicians and a number of administrators. In his lawsuit, the doctor indicated the group engaged in a conspiracy to limit and then suspend the heart surgeon's operating privileges at the facility.

The dispute allegedly began in 2010 when AHS approached him concerning higher patient death rates. The lawsuit claims that these assertions were false. He alleges that in 2013, staff prepared false reports indicating a high number of complications and increased mortality rates for the surgeon's patients when compared to other physicians in order to bolster their position.

The surgeon claims his restrictions have resulted in increased waits for those who need heart surgery, a claim that Alberta Health Services denies. The lawsuit is based on claims of defamation, conspiracy, malicious prosecution and breach of contract. However, Alberta Health Services responded by saying they acted in good faith. In addition to damages, the surgeon is requesting that his medical privileges be reinstated.

When people have a contract with a business to provide services, and a breach by the business results in a significant loss of business for the person holding the contract, they may be able to recover compensation by engaging in civil litigation. In many instances, disputes might be resolved long before they ever reach court, but in some cases, litigation may be necessary. A civil litigation lawyer may be able to provide assistance by identifying all defendants and claims before filing the action. He or she may also attempt to negotiate with the other party in an effort to resolve the dispute without judicial intervention. If a settlement is not possible, a lawyer may litigate the case through trial.

Source: Global News, "Prominent heart surgeon sues Alberta Health Services," John Cotter, Jan. 29, 2015

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