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Real estate disputes and foreclosure actions in Alberta

You might be in the middle of a dispute regarding a real estate transaction, or alternatively, you may be a lender who needs to foreclose on a property in order to realize your security interest. In either case, you may be wondering what you can do to address the problem.

Employee alleges wrongful termination

Some readers may be interested to learn that a former employee of the Alberta Human Rights Commission is suing the organization. The employee has alleged that he was wrongfully dismissed and subjected to defamation by the AHRC, and he is seeking at least $3.35 million in damages. He is also seeking to have his dismissal overturned by a judicial order.

Former chief medical examiner files employment lawsuit

A former chief medical examiner is suing Alberta Justice for more than $5 million for wrongful dismissal. The doctor served as chief medical officer from 2011 through the end of 2014. Alberta Justice claims that her contract was not renewed because of performance issues. However, the former examiner claims that she was wrongfully dismissed because she spoke out about political interference in how the examiner's office was managed.

Alberta Health Services sued by heart surgeon

According to court records, a well-known heart surgeon is suing Alberta Heart Services, several physicians and a number of administrators. In his lawsuit, the doctor indicated the group engaged in a conspiracy to limit and then suspend the heart surgeon's operating privileges at the facility.


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