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Resolving commercial conflicts throughout Alberta

Conflicts such as a commercial disputes and breach of contract can hinder the productivity of a business and potentially damage its future. In lieu of that fact, the professional business litigation lawyers with Ridout Barron may be able to help resolve those differences in an efficient and innovative manner.

With decades of experience, our firm can handle most commercial conflicts such as franchise disputes, fraud or misrepresentation and unfair business practices. Because each business has its own set of unique circumstances, our firm may be able to offer an approach that is suitable for your particular dilemma. What may work for one business may not work for another one; therefore, we may provide a resolution that is suitable to your company's particular situation.

When it comes to the process of resolving disputes, in many cases it often takes a joint effort from all parties involved. Our firm works hard to find common ground for the benefit of both sides that may result in a positive outcome for the business and its working relationships. In an attempt to find solutions for commercial disputes and breaches of contract, our lawyers try three basic strategies.

The first strategy is negotiations. During the negotiation process, the parties involved informally discuss the dispute as their lawyers try to negotiate a solution acceptable to both sides. The next step in the dispute process is mediation in which a mediator or third party intervenes in an attempt to offer new solutions and get the parties to agree among each other. If the parties still cannot settle their differences, the last solution is litigation, in which we may be able to offer you the legal representation you need. If you are involved in a business dispute and you are seeking information on what you should do, please visit our webpage on breach of contract.

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