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Alberta employees who do not earn pay for overtime hours

Many employees are asked to work overtime hours at some point in their careers. The government defines overtime as the number of hours more than eight worked each day in one workweek or the number of hours more than 44 worked in one workweek, whichever is greater. However, this overtime law does not apply to all employees.

Alberta couple sues government after tree falls on tent

A Calgary couple has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for injuries they suffered after a tree fell on their tent in Jasper National Park. The female plaintiff seeks $75,000, and the male plaintiff seeks $40,000. They are also requesting $1,000 for medical expenses and $105 for their tent. The government has asked for the complaint to be dismissed.

Resolving commercial conflicts throughout Alberta

Conflicts such as a commercial disputes and breach of contract can hinder the productivity of a business and potentially damage its future. In lieu of that fact, the professional business litigation lawyers with Ridout Barron may be able to help resolve those differences in an efficient and innovative manner.

New laws in place to pursue illegal downloaders

Individuals in Alberta may not be aware that a law that took effect on Jan. 1 may make Internet piracy more dangerous for those who download illegally. The Copyright Modernization Act will require website hosts and Internet service providers to notify customers when an illegal download has been detected coming from the Internet Protocol address associated with that customer.

Should Canadian employers enforce non-compete clauses?

Some employers in Calgary and other cities include special clauses in their employees' contracts. These addenda vary, but one relatively common addition is the non-compete clause, which typically prohibits an employee from going into business as a competitor after they leave their current employer. Non-compete stipulations are especially common in high-level executive contracts, and sales personnel may be asked to agree to similar non-solicitation requirements, but courts don't always uphold them the way employers might expect.


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