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Construction liens and disputes

Legal issues related to construction can be frustrating as you work to get a project completed. A construction lien can also be complicated, bogging down a project further and causing costs to add up while deadlines are unmet. This can seriously affect your business plans as well, making it important to address a dispute promptly to limit the financial impact for all parties involved.

Both sides in a construction lien situation may have valid concerns, and it is important to identify the facts to resolve an issue. In some cases, it may be possible to limit losses through effective legal advice and negotiations. Issues related to lien situations may involve problems such as delayed payments, trust claims, holdbacks, deficient products and contention over responsibility.

You may be dealing with a construction project that does not conclude on time, affecting your opening. Contractual details may provide for payment adjustments based on delays, but a contractor might threaten legal action because of payment changes. Court costs can be unhealthy for your company, making negotiation and resolution a better option in some cases as you seek to have your facility completed so that your business plan can move forward according to schedule. In other cases, defective workmanship may affect the quality of a construction project. If a resolution can be reached, expensive court costs might be avoided. Effective representation may be important for limiting your losses.

As you consider how to deal with a lien or other construction dispute, you may want to discuss the details with an experienced lawyer to gain clarification on the options available for handling the situation. You can read through our construction law page for additional details.

Source: Ridout Barron Barristers Solicitors , "Construction Lien Dispute", December 18, 2014

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