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As of May 25,2019 our new address is:

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How our firm can help settle partnership and shareholder disputes

If your company is involved in shareholder and partnership disputes, our law firm may be able to help you settle them thoroughly and efficiently. Our team of knowledgeable lawyers has decades of experience in providing solutions for partners and shareholders throughout the greater Alberta area.

Because we understand how critical it is for your company to resolve such disputes, our law firm has developed a set of strategies that have proven effective in helping companies to get back on track. When it comes to partnership disputes, we will attempt to get you and your partners on a common ground so you can focus on your business priorities.

Whenever a complicated partnership dispute arises, it can affect the performance of a company or business. While parties are in a disagreement about the business operations, the success of the company often suffers. For this reason, our law firm has a number of options to offer you in an effort to keep your business running smoothly. We have helped a wide variety of business partners to settle their disputes in a way that is suitable for their particular situation, even if the solution is the dissolution of the business.

Regarding shareholder disputes, our lawyers may be able to defend your case in an effort to keep your shares operating at peak performance. We offer valuable methods of litigation and have worked with derivative action or oppression action cases when companies have failed to defend the legal claims or rights of our client.

Whether your company or business is involved in a dispute over dividend policies, company management, breach of directors’ duties, a breach of shareholder agreements or another kind of dispute, we may be able to help you resolve your issues. Our page on business and commercial law can give you additional information on our law firm.

Source: Ridout Barron Barristers and Solicitors, “Shareholder And Partnership Disputes“, November 20, 2014




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