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Oil company purchases 4 farms to settle civil claim

A lawsuit that was filed against an oil extraction company in Calgary was resolved in September. Baytex Energy Corp. settled the lawsuit that was brought by an extended family of farmers by agreeing to purchase four farms in Peace River. According to the family's lawsuit, heavy emissions from the oil company's operations had forced them to abandon their 160 hectares of farmland.

The requirements to establish harassment in the workplace

For certain federal employees in Alberta, harassment in the workplace is governed under the Policy on Harassment Prevention and Resolution. This policy defines harassment as a series of incidents, the repetition of which generates the status of harassment. The incidents could comprise of comments or behaviour that humiliate, embarrass or offend an employee. However, one incident that is serious enough to have a momentous and lasting effect on an employee also could be considered harassment.

Defining workplace discrimination issues in Alberta

There are many variables at play regarding workplace discrimination, according to the Alberta Human Rights Act. Any Alberta worker or individual who is subjected to negative treatment as defined by the AHR Act at a work environment may file a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Negative treatment in the workplace includes rude and debasing remarks and insulting actions aimed at a worker, resulting in a hostile and bitter workplace environment for that worker.


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