Sale Of Land/Real Estate Remedies/Foreclosure Dispute

Disputes over sale of land and foreclosure bring together our real estate and business litigation practices.

Sale Of Land/Real Estate Remedies

Any number of problems can disrupt a land sale and end up becoming part of litigation, including:

  • Payment of commission to a real estate agent
  • Damages for failed land transactions
  • Enforcement of equitable right for people who claim to own a portion of the property
  • Statute of Fraud issues
  • Clouds on title/Priority issues

Often, negotiation and arbitration are used to come to a solution that will respect the rights of all involved. Whether you are seeking damages, specific performance or enforcement of a contract, we will protect your interests and help you reach a satisfactory resolution. If your case does come to an Application or trial, particularly in a commercial land sale, our lawyers will be prepared to represent you in court.


In foreclosure actions, lenders are usually looking for quick, efficient prosecution of their claim and realization of the security. Our clients are usually eager to recapture all legal and other enforcement costs.

Our Calgary foreclosure dispute lawyers have a great deal of experience in this field and know that in these cases, as with lease disputes, the emphasis is on efficiency. We will deal with your matter quickly, from the demand letter to the sale of the realized security, to minimize your losses.

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For more information on how Ridout Barron can help you with disputes over sales of land or foreclosures in Calgary or surrounding areas of southern Alberta, contact us at 587-315-8454. Our real estate and business litigation lawyers will help you settle your dispute.