Professional Negligence

At Ridout Barron, we can help you if your business has suffered losses as a result of negligent advice or representation by a lawyer, accountant, investment adviser, surveyor or other professional, excluding medical professionals.

Our Calgary professional malpractice lawyers will thoroughly investigate all the documentation involved to get on top of the facts quickly. Most professionals will be reluctant to admit mistakes, and it can be very difficult to prove anything without thorough knowledge of all of your dealings with them.

Proving Your Damages

To prove your case, our business litigation lawyers will:

  • Investigate all documentation and, if necessary, everyone involved in your dealings with the person who caused your loss and put together a record showing the exact details of the advice or representation he or she provided
  • Show that the advice or representation was negligent and not just mistaken. It's normal for professionals to make honest mistakes, but to prove negligence, we have to prove that the person you trusted was not diligent in his or her duties or that the service provided was not that of a reasonable professional in that field.
  • Show that a professional's bad advice or representation is what caused your business damage and prove the extent of the damage it caused

Proving professional negligence can be difficult. We will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case and be honest and forthright about your chances of proving negligence. If we believe you have a good case, we will not hesitate to go to court and make the negligent party's insurance cover your losses.

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If your business has suffered from wrongful advice or negligent representation by a legal, financial or other professional in Calgary or surrounding areas in Alberta, we want to know. For information on how Ridout Barron can help you put in an effective claim for damages, contact us at 587-315-8454.