Construction Lien Dispute

Construction liens, like the process of construction itself, can be complicated. Disputes involving construction can quickly become bogged down in details while costs and delays accumulate and business plans are sent into disarray. It is important to find a lawyer who will be able to quickly get to the core of the dispute, before it escalates out of control and all sides suffer financially.

These cases are often complicated and both sides may have valid points of view if, for example, there is a delay in payment, but the work has not been completed to the satisfaction of the payor. Getting the right facts is vital.

Resolving Conflicts

At Ridout Barron, we will make it our priority to resolve your dispute quickly and efficiently. We can help you decide if the relationship can be salvaged or if it needs to be dissolved and financial compensation settled as quickly as possible.

Our business litigation lawyers are prepared to handle many lien-related issues, including:

  • Deficiency in product
  • Delays in payment
  • Holdbacks
  • Disputes over responsibility between contractors and subcontractors
  • Trust claims

Our construction lien litigation lawyers for Calgary and the surrounding areas will get to the bottom of your dispute quickly. We are familiar with Alberta construction law and the practical realities of construction in the Calgary region. We know how important it is to get your project back on track or shut it down, wrap it up and move on.

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