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Human rights concerns from job interview lead to $56,000 ruling

Workplace discrimination is an issue faced by many people across Canada. Many know that there is legal recourse for human rights concerns related to termination, but what happens when a person doesn't even get a job for discriminatory reasons? A Cold Lake, Alberta, resident was recently awarded $56,000 in lost wages and damages from a company that refused to hire him due to his sexual orientation and race.

Human rights concerns in agriculture sector raised in new report

When it comes to health and safety legislation, farming poses unique questions. Alberta has released nearly 200 pages of reports discussing health and safety considerations in the agriculture sector. Human rights concerns such as compensation, employment standards and safety precautions in farming are a much-discussed topic. Albertans have 11 weeks to provide feedback on the government reporting.

How will legal marijuana affect drug-related termination at work?

Many workplaces have policies regarding drug use that may need to be revised when marijuana is legalized. Federal and provincial governments have established some protections regarding discrimination or illegal termination for medical marijuana use. As Alberta residents consider the legalization of recreational pot, it is important that they know their rights in the workplace should they choose to partake.

Anti-bullying legislation may prevent hostile work environments

Canadians often have legal recourse if something goes wrong at work, and the Canadian Labour Code (CLC) is often updated to reflect the modern workplace. One Alberta woman is taking a stand for a clearer definition in the CLC of psychological violence in the workplace. She hopes that those who are suffering from hostile work environments due to bullying behaviour from colleagues can benefit from these proposed updates.

Youth employment law addresses safety and human rights concerns

As students across the country move into a higher grade this September, many will be thinking about getting their first part-time job. Young people in Alberta should know about their rights under provincial employment law. This legislation protects young workers against unsafe work, lack of supervision and other human rights concerns.

2 women suing employer for sexual harassment

Two women in Winnipeg are suing the car dealership where they both worked after they were allegedly fired for complaining about their treatment in the workplace. The women say they were the target of sexual harassment and abuse, and they were let go when they went to management with their concerns. The allegations presented in both cases are significant, and Calgary residents are likely unsurprised to note the case is being taken very seriously by the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench. 

Man and transgender wife sue for harassment

A man in Kentucky who is married to a transgender woman is suing retail giant Amazon after he says they both suffered discrimination in the workplace. The couple is suing Amazon in federal court for punitive and compensatory damages. While this case took place in the United States, some Alberta residents who also experience workplace harassment may painfully relate to the story. 

Handling workplace harassment in startup culture

In today's emergent technologies industry, there are a wealth of companies commonly referred to as "startups." These are typically grassroots tech developers with a limited staff in a high-stress workplace environment. For Alberta residents, this type of workplace can be a breeding ground for harassment, particularly for women who are already underrepresented in the technology industry. In many cases, these companies lack the standard safeguards meant to protect employees from unfair or harassing treatment at work. This is why an understanding of employee rights can be so integral to pursuing harassment lawsuits.

Poll shows women face harassment in tech industry

It is no secret that not all Canadian workplaces are safe and welcoming to everyone. Here in Calgary and elsewhere in the country, people of all backgrounds face harassment and bullying in the workplace, not to mention discrimination based on their gender, orientation or race. However, as a recent poll points out, women (especially those who work in emergent tech) tend to suffer sexual harassment far more often than their male counterparts.

RCMP employee wins harassment suit

A landmark decision has been reached in Ontario, which could expand the rights of employees who claim to be the victims of harassment in the workplace. Calgary residents are already aware of how prevalent and pervasive workplace harassment can be, and this is true not just here but all over Canada. It is hoped that the decision of the Ontario Superior Court might bring more attention to harassment in other provinces as well. 


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