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New legislation addresses human rights concerns for farm workers

The challenges faced by businesses and their employees often vary depending on industry and location. In Alberta, human rights concerns about farm labour have led to recent changes to employment standards legislation. This means that farm owners will have more employment laws to consider when managing waged, non-family employees.

Human rights concerns at work an issue in marijuana legalization

As the provinces prepare for marijuana legalization, Ottawa is discussing some of the finer points of how worker rights relate to the drug. There are many human rights concerns in the workplace related to pot, including whether workplaces will be able to test for the substance and if the law will distinguish between medical and recreational marijuana in the case of worker rights. The conversation in Ottawa is currently deadlocked, while an Alberta case about workplace testing prepares to enter the Supreme Court.

Expired liability insurance and allegations of past harassment

It may seem unnecessary for risk managers to keep papers on expired insurance policies around. However, Alberta risk managers may find these documents useful. If an allegation about harassment that occurred a long time ago emerges, having proof of liability coverage from that time could prove helpful.

Union has human rights concerns about drug testing despite ruling

Random drug testing is a hot button topic in employment law. Employees and unions may argue that there are human rights concerns with this practice, as it violates workers' privacy and dignity. Although employers may argue it is a necessary safety precaution, a recent decision from the Court of Appeal of Alberta has confirmed a ruling in a recent case over the matter.

High levels of stress at work raise human rights concerns

Workplace environment and job-related demands can have a significant influence on the health and well-being of employees. According to a national survey, Alberta workers have a high level of stress at work compared to some other provinces. Some are concerned that this could indicate human rights concerns in workplaces across the province, particularly with regard to mental health.

Employee behaviour upon termination can impact legal outcomes

There are many things that can help or hinder people on either side of a legal battle. Alberta workers seeking restitution in a wrongful termination case can take steps before, during and after a firing to give themselves an advantage in court. While there is no way to guarantee results one way or the other, being careful to avoid certain behaviours can be advantageous for those bringing legal action.

Is termination due to off-duty activities legal?

Social media and camera phones have made once private occasions public. Recent headlines of people losing their jobs when after-hours activities are made public have led many to ask whether termination due to behaviour outside of work is legal. Employees and employers alike should know their rights and responsibilities under Alberta law when it comes to reasonable termination.

New laws aim to protect workers in hostile work environments

Workplace safety is a key concern for many workers and their families across the country. Alberta lawmakers are paying attention to hostile work environments as part of their labour law overhaul, which aims to protect the physical and mental health of workers. Recent amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act aim to provide better support for injured workers and to modernize health and safety regulations for workers across the province.

Audit shows harassment is an issue for many city employees

Whether an organization is big or small, workers and employers both have rights and responsibilities to ensure a safe and legal working environment. Like many private employees, public servants can face harassment or discrimination in the workplace and may face challenges reporting such issues. This topic has made headlines in Edmonton, Alberta, where an internal audit reported that nearly one-fifth of city employees had experienced harassment.

Human rights concerns from job interview lead to $56,000 ruling

Workplace discrimination is an issue faced by many people across Canada. Many know that there is legal recourse for human rights concerns related to termination, but what happens when a person doesn't even get a job for discriminatory reasons? A Cold Lake, Alberta, resident was recently awarded $56,000 in lost wages and damages from a company that refused to hire him due to his sexual orientation and race.


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