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Canadian spy network accused of discrimination

A landmark discrimination case is unfolding on the federal level of the Canadian court system, according to recent reports. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, better known to Alberta residents as CSIS, is the subject of a $35 million lawsuit that alleges a culture of discrimination and harassment against visible minorities. The case is still under review at this time, but the suit is getting considerable media attention. 

Sexual harassment allegations leveled at Tesla

It is an unfortunate reality that hostile, damaging work environments still exist in the Canadian business landscape, not to mention elsewhere in the world. However, when large companies are accused of facilitating sexual harassment in their workplaces, it calls to attention just how much work remains to be done to right these wrongs. Calgary residents may already have heard of one such prominent case, involving tech giant Tesla. 

The cost of workplace harassment

Sadly, workplace harassment is a problem all over Canada. From the smallest business to the halls of government, Calgary residents are keenly aware that harassment can take place in any employment situation. However, the cost of running a hostile work environment can be steep even for those employers most resistant to change. 

Former senator investigated for harassment

An inquiry into a former senator accused of harassing his employees should continue, according to the Senate ethics committee. Calgary residents may be familiar with the ongoing story of Don Meredith, a former Canadian senator who has been accused of sexual harassment during his tenure on the senate. Despite his resignation from the position, government authorities believe he should still be investigated just as though he was still a government employee in the interest of fairness to his alleged victim. 

New app allows victims to report harassment

Hostile workplaces are tragically common across Canada. Calgary residents may have had experience with workplace harassment in their own jobs, or likely know someone who has. Often, these incidents go unreported, usually because people fear reprisal for coming forward. Now, an American company is offering an alternative: an app that allows victims to anonymously report harassment in the workplace. 

20 Uber drivers fired after harassment probe

Popular ride-sharing company Uber has been the subject of scrutiny in the media almost ever since it opened its doors. Now, an increase of complaints against the company by its drivers has prompted an inquest into the company's policies when it comes to dealing with workplace harassment. Calgary residents may be interested to know that the company has taken action, firing some 20 employees in Detroit. 

Handling harassment in the workplace

Incidences of inappropriate behaviour in workplaces have been prominent in the news of late. Most notably, Calgary residents might have heard about FOX's Bill O'Reilly being fired for alleged harassment. This brings into stark relief the issue of workplace harassment even north of the border, where it is still a major problem in Alberta businesses. Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure a safe and secure workplace for all employees.

Is moonlighting ground or employment termination?

Any one of many circumstances can cause financial hardship that might force Alberta residents to seek additional incomes. Those who are fortunate enough to secure a second job may resolve their economic issues. However, in some cases, employers do not approve of employees moonlighting with other companies. Does that give them grounds to consider an employee's termination?

Tech comapny sued for harassment

An American startup company is facing serious allegations from a former employee over sexually charged and harassing behaviour in the workplace. UploadVR, based in California, has come under fire after their former director of social media launched a lawsuit against them for the harassment she says she and other female employees suffered during their tenure with the company. Workplace harassment is hardly an American issue, as many Calgary residents have endured similar treatment in Canadian workplaces. 

Civilian governance suggested to combat discrimination

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been under considerable fire for some time following recent inquests regarding unacceptable workplace behaviour. Both here in Calgary and across the nation, the RCMP has been accused of turning a blind eye to discrimination and harassment in its ranks. Now, a federal watchdog is suggesting that civilian governance be brought in to combat this behaviour. 


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