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Alberta business law continues to increase minimum wage

There are many laws governing businesses across Canada, including many regarding compensation and treatment of employees. One business law in Alberta was recently affected as the minimum wage increased to $13.60. This is a $1.40 increase compared to the old minimum wage of $12.20. Ontario's minimum wage also saw a 20 cent increase to $11.60. Both provinces are working towards an eventual minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

Business and commercial law: Steve Nash loses legal battle

Alberta residents may be interested to know that the lawsuit of the famous Canadian basketball star, Steve Nash --  a former professional National Basketball Association player -- was thrown out of court. Nash, who was also a former partner in 21 Steve Nash Fitness World clubs, brought a lawsuit against his former partners last October to prevent them from using his endorsements any longer. Business and commercial law disputes can be complicated. In this one, the judge dismissed his request.

Business and commercial law: Why choose to dissolve a business?

Any business can simply close its doors and shut down. However, if a business owner in Alberta wants to legally terminate the concern, a formal dissolution with the acknowledgement of authorities is necessary. Based on applicable business and commercial law, the concern will have no additional commitments related to taxes and debts, and further fines and fees will be avoided if the business is closed properly.

What are the pros of dispute resolution for business conflicts?

In the world of business, cultivating and maintaining the right relationships can be a huge boon to your business. At the same time, some relationships can cause lasting damage. Admittedly, it can be tricky sometimes to effectively distance yourself from a person or an entity that might not be beneficial to your business practices. Word-of-mouth travels quickly and when your litigation efforts against a peer or an associate enters the stream of public conversation, it will almost certainly have an effect on your business.

Can a business legally ban animals?

Business law in Canada makes it possible for businesses to put rules and regulations in place regarding who can come into the store. For example, many shops have a sign on the door saying "No shoes, no shirt, no service." They're allowed to deny service to those who break the rule.

Shareholder and partnership disputes in Calgary

Shareholder and partnership disputes can spell disaster for a Canadian business. Even if the company is profitable, and perhaps if the company is especially profitable, shareholders and partners may get into a disagreement about the way earnings and profits are distributed to the various shareholders and owners of the business. If one partner, for example, feels that he or she is not receiving his or her fair share of earnings, it could result in heated disagreements.

Privacy concerns result in tech clash with the United States

Canada residents are putting more and more of their personal information on the Internet. Meanwhile, governments are trying to access this information as a part of litigation and corporate seedings. However, tech companies are becoming increasingly more brazen in attempting to protect the privacy of the users of their technology.

All about Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means for resolving disputes outside of court. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a great money-saving alternative to litigation and trial proceedings, and is often used by Canadian businesses to resolve commercial law disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution is often a less stressful, less expensive, faster and more private way to settle business conflicts.

How are copyright, patent and trademark suits different?

Intellectual property relates to ideas, inventions, symbols, names, designs, music, trademarks, writing, art and the ownership of these and other kinds of items. Under intellectual property laws, people and businesses can own specific rights so that only they can profit from and use particular pieces of intellectual property. When another party violates those rights by trying to use intellectual property for profit without permission, then a lawsuit can be filed.


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