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Canadian senator faces harassment charges

Senior sources in the Canadian Senate have reported to news outlets that Yukon Senator Daniel Lang, as well as his policy advisor, are under fire for bad behaviour in the workplace. It will come as no surprise to Alberta residents that workplace harassment is pervasive, even within government institutions, as these allegations seem to reflect. Senator Lang is believed to be the subject of an internal review by the Senate at this time. 

Workplace harassment targets mental health

For many Canadians, living with mental illness is a day-to-day reality. Unfortunately, as some Calgary residents can attest, a great deal of stigma still exists in workplaces across Canada about mental illness and the people who suffer from it. A misunderstanding of these conditions can lead to harassment, discrimination and even termination of employment. 

Sexual harassment still a prevalent issue

It has been 30 years since the United States government ruled against sexual harassment in the workplace, and it is comforting to think that society has progressed toward safer workplaces in the intervening decades. Unfortunately, Calgary residents who have seen headlines detailing accusations leveled against high-ranking officials of companies like Uber and Fox are aware that harassment has not gone away. While public acceptance of this behaviour has waned, the behaviour itself persists to this day. 

Lack of harassment policies can cost employers

Here in Canada, it is the responsibility of every employer to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees. Of course, as some Alberta residents can attest, workplace harassment and violence is still very much an issue for many workplaces both here and across the nation. The legal ramifications for employers who do not implement policies to address these issues can be far-reaching. 


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