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Dress codes are legal when they don't discriminate

You may resent your dress code at work. You might think that it limits your freedom of expression. You may be disgruntled that you have to buy clothes only to wear to work, cutting into your wages -- especially if you never would have bought that style of clothing otherwise. You may just be frustrated that you have to look like everyone else.

Ex-journalist wins $200,000 in civil suit for defamation

Ex-journalist Arthur Kent won a defamation lawsuit after a columnist from Postmedia said others referred to the politician as the "Dud Scud," which was an unflattering play on the man's nickname, "Scud Stud," from his days as a news correspondent during the Persian Gulf War.

Protecting Alberta residents from workplace bullying

A lot of people think that bullying stops in the schoolyard, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Adult bullying happens at most workplaces in some form, and it is usually psychological. Unlike the pushing, shoving and hitting that happens with children, workplace bullying is usually very psychological, and sometimes the victims do not even realize this negative social dynamic is happening to them.


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