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Shareholder and partnership disputes in Calgary

Shareholder and partnership disputes can spell disaster for a Canadian business. Even if the company is profitable, and perhaps if the company is especially profitable, shareholders and partners may get into a disagreement about the way earnings and profits are distributed to the various shareholders and owners of the business. If one partner, for example, feels that he or she is not receiving his or her fair share of earnings, it could result in heated disagreements.

National Energy Board approves Kinder Morgan pipeline

The National Energy Board (NEB) has recommended the construction of the multi-billion dollar Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain oil pipeline. The NEB approved of the project, but only if it meets 157 conditions, among which are 49 environmental conditions. Now, the federal government will have seven months in which to make a decision on the matter.

Rebuilding Fort McMurray after the tragedy

Every Canadian and every person throughout the world has felt the pain of the tragedy in Fort McMurray deep in their hearts. The fact that so many Albertans have lost so much is saddening, but at least we can celebrate the great work performed by the first responders and firefighters who prevented any loss of life in the tragedy. Furthermore, it is a miracle that most of Fort McMurray has escaped without damage.

Library workers in Toronto negotiate tentative settlement

Around 2,220 library workers have arrived at a tentative settlement agreement in Toronto. The agreement was announced early morning on Monday, May 2, which means that area libraries will open on schedule. Employees were on the verge of walking off the job after midnight on Monday, which would have closed Toronto's 100 public libraries.


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