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Business fraud and employment contract disputes

One of the most common kinds of business litigation lawsuits involving employment contract disputes is business fraud. At Ridout Barron, for example, we handled cases of business fraud for our clients on a regular basis. Some of the most common types of business fraud claims we see include theft, appropriation of company assets, embezzlement, misrepresentation of products and services and altering of financial documents.

Can I file a complaint against a Canada judge?

Litigants who feel that the judge presiding over their case acted inappropriately may wish to file a complaint against the judge. Before moving forward with such a complaint, however, it must be determined whether the issue relates to the judge's conduct or a decision made by the judge.

Civil litigation and professional negligence

Professional negligence can manifest itself in a lot of different forms. Most of the professional negligence claims we take on at Ridout Barron involve the negligence of individuals and firms who provide professional services to businesses. Those might include investment advisors, surveyors, accountants and other kinds of professionals who negligently fail to provide an adequate level of service to the businesses or individuals that hire them. At its core, professional negligence refers to malpractice that results in serious financial losses.

Representing corporate clients in Alberta

It is hard enough to keep your company operating efficiently and profitably while supporting your employees to be happy and motivated during normal business operations. However, when a legal issue comes to the forefront, it can create added costs, additional headaches and -- in extreme cases -- it could threaten to bring down your entire business model.


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